Our main services are:

  • Prepare payroll, ordinary and extraordinary, as well as the corresponding receipts.
  • Calculate settlements and settlements of personal, including receipts.
  • Attend to everything related to the IMSS and INFONAVIT:
    • Determine the Base Contribution Salaries (SBC) for the purposes of the IMSS and employer contributions to INFONAVIT.
    • Determine the amounts of employee withholdings to amortize credits granted by INFONAVIT, as well as fees to the IMSS in charge of the personal.
    • Prepare and present to the IMSS the affiliation movements of the personnel, as well such as the Annual Statement of the Occupational Hazard Insurance Premium.
  • Calculate federal taxes (ISR) and local (Payroll Tax), derived from payroll.
  • Prepare the accounting policy for the registration of payroll, including supplies.
  • Maintain, by employee, the annual accumulated income and deductions.
  • Prepare the annual receipts of earnings and employee income tax withholdings.
  • Prepare and file the annual return information on wages and salaries.
  • Attend requirements and make clarifications before the IMSS, INFONAVIT and local governments regarding Payroll Tax.
  • Provide your external auditors with the information required to carry out your work on payroll and contributions derived from these.
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